Regularly Scheduled Program

Like most gays my age, I draw a lot of inspiration from awful chick-flicks movies from the aughts. Cady Heron, Andy Sachs, and Torrence Shipman aren’t exactly my spirit animals, but they do give me some sage advice.

We’re gonna study other types of movement, from swing dance…to interpretive dance, even mime. We’ll draw inspiration from martial arts, musicals, everything.

~Torrence Shipman

It isn’t likely that studying interpretive dance will make my writing significantly better, and I’m not sure that it’s possible to watch more musicals at this point in my life. Instead I’ll be studying other forms of prose beyond those which I am most partial to. With that in mind, I’ve put together a weekly schedule of posts that you can expect (I hope).

  • Writing Monday: This is where I’ll be posting a sample of writing. It may be an excerpt from a short story, or a long-winded personal essay. Regardless, you can look forward to plenty of snark, sarcasm, and typos as I’m hoping that Writing Monday will be unpolished flagship of the blog.
  • Tuesday Quotes: Since I can’t possibly be amazing all the time, I’ll be taking a bit of a break on Tuesday were I will focus on reading. Instead of abandoning you on the second day of the month, I’ll be posting quotes from things that I’ve been reading lately. You can count on a lot of Miss Marple and other strong female leads.
  • Craft Wednesday: On wednesday, apart from wearing pink, I’ll be posting something related to writing as a craft. It may be an interesting essay, a website, or some horrible time-suck but in some way I will try to justify why I find it useful. (And if it is a horrible time suck I make no apologies)
  • Thursday Writing Prompt: Sometimes we all need a little nudge and whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, a little prompt never hurt anyone. I may even incorporate it into my post for Writing Monday.
  • Friday News Briefs: At the end of the week my head will be full of the detritis of the internet and I will need to vent. The news briefs will be an outlet for things I found interesting or particularly problematic that I couldn’t keep quiet about. More often than not, there will be a lot of gay in these posts and maybe even some favourite new, vaguely-nsfw tumblrs.

Of course there will be other content as I deem necessary including book reviews, haikus, gripes, and at a moment’s notice I reserve the right to change my weekly schedule.

Hope to see you all back here, same bat time same bat channel.

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