Sometimes you just don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a something the way it was intended. Meals come to mind and so now we have more McDonalds restaurants than people. While it might not be a quite the same – or nearly as good for you – as a home cooked meal, it will do. Books got this treatment years ago with the creation of audiobooks. I’m told that in the past they took the form of a hyperbolic number of small yet cumbersome audio-tapes that you have to flip around every few seconds. Fortunately now, we have Audible.*

I was hesitant at first to cave into Audible because it didn’t seem like reading, so much as it did cheating. However, my good friend beat me into submission by telling me that if you sign up for audible your first book is free. The thrift Scottish blood in me was intrigued and so I signed up. It took some getting used to, but there are really some great choices out there. I would immediately recommend Bossypants written and narrated by Tina Fey. I’d read the book, but the audiobook was superb. I do no recommend listening to it while you’re in public or at the gym. You will fail at suppressing your laughter and will get stared at.

It is also especially useful when listening to other people narrate an ebook so you can get a feeling for how sentences actually sound. I find that when I read things aloud I pick up on a lot more problems in my writing and can better hone in one flow.

By no means will listening to audiobooks replace reading those books (or ebooks, but that’s for another time), but there are worse things in the universe like kicking puppies or Twilight. Since they exist, why not give it a shot?

A word of warning, some voice-actors can’t and shouldn’t attempt different accents, but will do so anyway. These ruin perfectly good books.


*I receive no money from Audible to act as a shill. In fact, I receive no money from anyone. If you know of anyone who wants to pay me to be their own personal shill, I will.

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