First Kiss

Today’s prompt comes from YEAH WRITE! a tumblr account that’s great if you’re into that kind of thing. Also, since it comes from tumblr, it actually comes from 166,039 other places, but I saw it on YEAH WRITE.

Write about a unique first kiss.

Is it your main character’s first kiss ever, or just first kiss with this other person? Does the kiss happen organically, or is it “staged” (such as from a game like 7 Minutes in Heaven or a practice kiss for a play)? What are the ages of the two kissers? Who initiates it?

In addition to describing the situation, try to describe all of the senses—not just feel. How do the kissers’ breath smell? How do their mouths taste? Do either or both of them have their eyes open? As they kiss, what interesting things are they hearing?

I think this is one I can do justice so expect (don’t expect) me to have written a wonderful little scene in the near future!

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