Piano Man | Prompt

I’m the resident DJ at my office since my computer is the only one that has speakers connected to it. Unfortunately this causes my anxiety to kick into high gear because I work with a room full of gay men who will read me for filth if I play something bad.

Yesterday, for instance, someone requested Britney but not new Britney. I put on a play list starting with Stronger and would change it as necessary. I was promptly called away from my desk and I accidentally subjected them to her entire discography… they were unimpressed.

Today when I went to put on music they hissed very specific divas, genres, and decades which I was forbidden to play. With these limitations, I put on some random “Best of” playlist and left the room before they could pelt me with tomatoes.

When I did come back to retrieve some files, Billy Joel’s Piano Man was on which is the inspiration for today’s prompt:

Play me a memory

Write a sentence, scene, or story about nostalgia and memory that includes music. What is being played, live or recording? Where are they listening to it or maybe where does it take them? What does it mean to them? What do they feel when they hear that song?

I’m pretty swamped at the moment, but I may be able to put something together. *commence breath holding*

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