You Aren’t Special

It hurts to hear I know. My poor millennial ego certainly can’t handle being told my status as a magical snowflake is all a lie but there is a silver lining. Since you’re not special, neither are your problems and therefore you can find someone who has been through your particular problem and help you get through it and will offer their advice.

If you’re getting married or raising a child, this advice will be unsolicited and likely unhelpful. If you’re writing a book or trudging through the publishing process on the other hand, it may not be so awful and condescending. So when you’re down, trawl (not troll) your social media feeds for kindred spirits who have amazing blogs, tumblrs, or twitters full of wonderful advice that you can read for a lark. I’ve found that my favourite authors with blogs are good places to start. For instance if I didn’t read Maggie Stiefvater’s blog I would’ve missed out on some great advice about querying. Without Neil Gaiman’s relationship advice column my husband and I would surely have divorced. If I didn’t follow Maureen Johnson’s tumblr and twitter I would’ve missed out on my daily dose of snark and important updates about her dog (who is amahzing).

So you, generic writer, can take solace in the presence of professional authors on social media who will help you through whatever crisis you’re going through. Avoid Stephen King’s Pinterest unless you want to ruin your prom dress.

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