The Importance of the Little Things | Prompt

This prompt comes from my writing group:

Pick a flat character and imagine what’s in their dresser. Specifically, the special trinkets or mementos that sit in or on top of their dresser. Is it a ticket stub? A single earring? Make a history of that object and write a scene for its owner where this small thing adds depth to the character.

As usual, write a sentence, a scene, or a story based on this prompt. I cheated (on top of this being late) and have a response to it.


When she viewed the apartment she brought with her a suitcase and a wad of cash rolled up in her bra. She didn’t care about the peeling wallpaper or the chipped bath tub. All she cared about was the price. The price and the deadbolt.

She unpacked as the bath ran. She swapped out one skirt for another. From the middle drawer she pulled a couple blouses, some underwear and her spare uniform for the flight tomorrow. She took off her locket, a beaten up pewter thing that didn’t open anymore, and placed it on top of the dresser.

In the bathroom, the steam began to crawl out from under the door. She turned the taps off and undressed. Through the foggy mirror, she saw a woman-shaped blob of colours. Red on top, not her natural colour but it looked good against her fair skin. She wiped the mirror. Makeup applied in generous amounts, expertly covered the blueish bags under her eyes.

She slipped into the bath, alone with her thoughts.

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