Arguing About Movies

“What movie did you want to watch?” I immediately regret asking.

“Star Wars?” He offered.

I flinched.

“What’s wrong with Star Wars?” He recoiled, “You’re not a trekkie are you?”

“No…” I really, really wasn’t.

“Well why not then?” Thought of spending another night watching a movie from last century didn’t really excite me.

“It’s just… old. You know how it’s going to end up.” If it had been the first time Ivan suggested a movie older than the sum of our ages, I might’ve been more willing.

He reached out and held my hand, silently pleading with me.

“Well, what about something funny? Like… Monty Python.” He suggested. If I had to watch that fucking dead parrot skit again, I might die.

“Oooooorrrrr… We could watch 40 Year Old Virgin?”

He rolled his eyes. At least I tried to hide my disgust.

“Are you telling me that 40 year old skits from old, maybe dead, british guys is funnier than 40 Year Old Virgin?”


Based on this prompt from the guys in my writing group. I’m not sure how dynamic and round the characters are, but I think there’s more to them than just their inability to agree on movies.

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