Face Like a Gremlin

I was doing my best to avoid eye-contact with people in the unlikely case that someone I know saw me and wanted to chat. I was in no mood to be social as the day had thoroughly sapped my will to be a real person. Instead, I fixated on one of the beers waiting for me in the fridge at home. At least I was fixated on that, until a woman with short maroon hair began walking towards me on the seawall.

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So Cold It Hurts

This is the short response I meant to post for my prompt two weeks ago, The Bitter Cold.

It was the kind of cold that made your teeth hurt. Not from shivering mind you I was past shivering 10 degrees ago. My teeth were so cold that they were just shrinking in my mouth. Even with the plaid scarf wrapped tightly around my face I could feel unseen frozen hands pressing in around it. Words were muffled through the outer shell of frost which had formed from the scant moisture in my breath, but the gist of it was clear.
“Christ it’s cold!” I moaned to my companions.
“It’s just a little further.” Jamie was handling the cold a little better. She was shivering a little, but wasn’t hugging herself nearly as tightly as I was. I blamed society. Girls had more options for their clothes when it came to layering. Jamie probably had a pair of leggings or something underneath her jeans which, while uncomfortable, would probably keep her from freezing. By comparison my jeans were apparently clothes in name only, providing an open invitation to the cold from the space around my ankles. Cold which then crawled up my goose-bump covered legs, and clutched onto my chest where it sat like a fat cat.
“I thought you said it was a short walk!” I complained again.
“It is! It’s only another 3 blocks.” She chattered. Perhaps, unlike my teeth which have contracted to the point of non-existence, time got longer in the cold too making every second a painful moment until a person’s existence just froze, forever.

Uninspiration | Prompt

Today’s writing prompt is straight out of my own life! This week has really taken it out of me and so:

Write about a time when you’ve felt uninspired. Is there a cause? Is it your job? Is it your writing? Describe how crappy you might feel and really plumb the depths of your malaise.Then write about the avoidance behaviors you can use to get over these feelings. Go for a walk, call a friend up for a gab session, play with your cat.

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