Uninspiration | Prompt

Today’s writing prompt is straight out of my own life! This week has really taken it out of me and so:

Write about a time when you’ve felt uninspired. Is there a cause? Is it your job? Is it your writing? Describe how crappy you might feel and really plumb the depths of your malaise.Then write about the avoidance behaviors you can use to get over these feelings. Go for a walk, call a friend up for a gab session, play with your cat.

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Stranger Danger!

Today’s writing prompt courtesy of Writer’s Digest:

You’re leaving your favorite restaurant after eating breakfast when a stranger taps you on the shoulder. But this tap leads to a conversation—and adventure—that leaves you with one item that you never thought you’d ever own. Start your story with “I hate to bother you, but I have something important to ask.” And end your story with, “And that’s how I ended up being the proud owner of a (fill in the blank).”

They request a 500 word story but if you aren’t up to it, feel free to write just a sentence or a scene!

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Writer’s Digest:

It’s your 18th birthday and, upon it, you parents deliver some pretty shocking news: You’re not really human. They admit that they’ve been covering up the fact that you are actually a (fill in the blank). After hearing the news you still decide to go to school, but this school day is different than all your school days past, especially when it’s revealed to others what you truly are. Write this scene

I’m kind of in love with this one and will absolutely post a response to it…

This weeks writing prompt is courtesy of
Daily Post.

Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

The short answer for me is board games and contempt… Longer answer to follow!

The Importance of the Little Things | Prompt

This prompt comes from my writing group:

Pick a flat character and imagine what’s in their dresser. Specifically, the special trinkets or mementos that sit in or on top of their dresser. Is it a ticket stub? A single earring? Make a history of that object and write a scene for its owner where this small thing adds depth to the character.

As usual, write a sentence, a scene, or a story based on this prompt. I cheated (on top of this being late) and have a response to it.

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