Thoughts on People Doing Things

I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Thornton, host of the People Doing Things podcast recently, to talk about some of the things I’m doing. It was a great conversation about my writing, my process, and my relentless negativity. Trigger warning, I do talk a little bit about my personal experiences with depression and suicidality. Take a listen to the episode and subscribe to the podcast! Nick has some deep conversations with interesting people doing important things but hides it well with a glib humour and self-effacing remarks that I, as a person doing a thing, really appreciate. My favourite episode – apart from my own obv – is number 31 that I have dubbed Alcoholism and Activism.

So take a listen, you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and let Nick know that you like him as a person doing a thing.

Nick and I after recording the podcast.

Nick and I after recording the podcast.

Operation Eclipse

WOW things are happening (and I haven’t blogged about any of them)…

First, important book news:

I have been rejected by a lot of agents.

I am still querying.

I know I’m probably not supposed to talk about the querying process, but YOLO or something. And truth be told, there haven’t been that many and some of them have been kind enough to offer suggestions or advice which is greatly appreciated.


I made a m*****-f****** videogame!*

My friend from Silverstring Media and I wrote Operation Eclipse:

Queer cyberpunk hacker RPG about a genderqueer POC caught up in violent corporate warfare, who must discover why they’ve had their memories wiped, find safety, and decide what to do now in the face of multiple opposing interests. Somewhat inspired by Deus Ex’s approach to puzzles with multiple solutions, focusing especially on social engineering. This upload is “Act 1.”

*Alright it’s just the first act of a videogame, but we made it for Global Game Jam this year. So not bad considering we only took 48 hours.

Now I know you’re wondering “But that was in January, where have you been since then?”

First, don’t take that tone with me. And second I quit my job and started an intense coding bootcamp. When I say intense, I mean INTENSE (12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week). The great thing is that I’m building a lot of cool things (which I will post from time to time). The downside is that I haven’t had ANY time to do ANYTHING.

I’m in week seven now, so I only have another 2 weeks before it’s all over and I hope to get back to my writing…

IN THE MEANTIME check out my midterm project that my team built in only 5 days after only 4ish weeks of coding experience. It’s a medical screening reminder app called ProdMinder that takes a person’s age and gender and not only recommends which tests and how often you should get those tests, but also offers to send out SMS or email reminders. (database is disabled so you can’t sign-up at the moment)

Pussy Riot!

Now before you gays start hissing about the word pussy (see things gay guys need to stop doing), the remaining members of Pussy Riot were released from jail in Russia. They’d been charged with hooliganism, which might just be my newest favourite reason for arrest, and were supposed to serve 2 years. It’s not just the punk-rockers that are being pardoned, it turns out the Greenpeace 30 are also having their hooliganism charge dropped. If you’ll remember these hooligans were out protesting an arctic oil rig, when they were arrested. Looks like someone is trying to make Russia seem a little more endearing and not a clusterfuck of human rights violations leading up to the Sochi Olympics.

Looks like Utah’s same-sex marriages will go ahead as emergency stays and appeals haven’t worked. I believe all counties are now allowing issuing licenses as there were a few hold-outs.

I kind of did a shitty job of this round of news because of the Holidays. To make it up to you, here is proof that reading is sexy… and a NSFW blog in case the first link doesn’t work.

Reading is fundamental

Friday’s News Briefs

So what happened this week?

I would say that the internet lost its shit over some horribly offensive comments made by a reality star… but none of those things are news. Though I’m a fan of a good-old-fashioned internet evisceration, I’ll leave it to the amazing and talented Maureen Johnson who offers this lesson.

…this isn’t tolerance. If you think this looks like tolerance, you do not know what tolerance looks like.

The one encouraging part of all this was that I didn’t have to unfollow or unfriend anyone because of it, which is great.

A gay magazine named a totally not gay guy in a funny hat it’s person of the year for essentially saying that he wasn’t going to judge. It’s a charming sentiment. Naturally people had things to say and most of them were fairly critical. I appreciate that the leader of the church has made progress… but must we, the proud homosexuals with our unstoppable secret-agenda, fangirl so relentlessly over non-judgement.

Speaking of people who aren’t gay, Sherlock and Watson were asked to read out some fan-fic embarrassing the author, the actors, and everyone really. So from now on just keep fan-fic where it belongs in your bedroom and on my kindle… and because no one would admit to asking for it but still wants it, here is some fan-fic of republicans.

Early in the week, Presidents of different countries are falling over themselves to not go to Russia for the Olympics. Now President Obama is sending a super gay delegation – featuring recently out Brian Boitano. I’m hoping it’s a big FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU to their anti-gay legislation.

Young gays are getting their own social network (and it’s not YouTube).

And now a tumblr which draws attention to the really serious problem of guys pretending to be geeks for attention. tumblr_moqb1bSLsY1swa2b7o1_500