It’s like the weather knew I needed a break from all the happy, sunny sunshine and decided to ring in November with a more Vancouver rainstorm. I, personally, love the rain. It always puts me in the mood to sit at home with a cup of tea. I mean, usually I’ll be sitting at home with a  cup of tea anyway but now I don’t feel any shame for it.

The other thing that happened over the weekend was that I started NaNoWriMo! I know what you’re thinking, “great intermittently blogging one, shouldn’t you be budgeting your time and saving every word for your 50k?”

To you I say, “Never use that tone with me… and of course I should be focussing on my writing goal.”

Unfortunately I also need to sit and let my characters breathe. Since I am pantsing this year, many of the situations and plots are only have formed at this point. Not like a baby, but like a jagged stone. I need to let the tumble around in my brain-space to smooth out the rough parts until it’s polished.

In the meantime, I’m also kind of pantsing a genre I have little experience in writing. While it was my intent to write the sequel to The Many Worlds of Charlie Ocean which I outlined at a bar during the Surrey International Writers Conference, I decided to shelf that for the time being. I wanted to challenge myself with something new. That’s not to say writing any novel isn’t challenging, but I’m also cognizant that NaNoWriMo may not be the best approach for writing a story that I want to get right.

So, NaNoers, I leave you with some advice for the month:

Write like a crazy son-of-a-bitch



What’s your plan when this whole computer thing doesn’t work out?

~My dad, the farmer,

to my husband, the computer engineer

I’ve been very impressed with the amount of agents, publishers, and authors on social media. That is, I’ve stumbled upon this fantastic writing/publishing subculture on social media. Twitter is especially magical in this regard, full of happy agents bragging about their book, frustrated agents working through their slush piles, and all of them who would like everyone, everywhere, to read their submission guidelines before querying. Continue reading

I Don’t Hate It!

I’m not one to show emotion in public. Apart from the occasional bouts of hearty laughter, I’m about as expressive as a Vulcan with resting bitch face. No joke, at my wedding rehearsal my family all had the note that we needed to look like my husband and I liked each other. When I say “I don’t hate it” I’m about maxed out in the enthusiasm department.

With that in mind, I kind of hate my opening chapter. I don’t fully hate it, but in the ever unhelpful words of my boss, “It just doesn’t pop.” Continue reading

I Ran

I’m going on another writer’s retreat! Recklessly, I booked a train ticket. Three days on a train through the Rockies and across the Prairies will do nicely. I’m hoping anyway. I’ve only been on one train before, but I think my temperament is well suited to long and romanticized modes of travel. It should give me ample time to get some work done and I am pretty excited.

While I should be preparing logistics like clothes, food, and alcohol, I’m focusing more on the necessities for when I write. I hope there will be tea available because my best work is done when I’m sleep deprived and caffeine addled. I’m definitely going to need some sweat pants too, but the most important component of my writing is music. Continue reading

BookTubery | Wordcraft

I think the first thing that cemented into my mind that I could be a writer was my slog through NaNoWriMo 2012. Sure I’d written stories before that, but it was this exercise of writing everyday that made me realize that writing was something I could do. It wasn’t easy though. I had to make it part of my routine. I kind of had to come out as a writer and tell my friends that I couldn’t beat them at board games that day because I hadn’t hit my word count. Being productive in spite of distractions was one of the big hurdles. Not giving up despite being desperately tired and frustrated at times was hard, but there was hope on the way!

While I was struggling with my word count and giving my teeth a healthy amber sheen from caffeinated beverages, BookTuber Katytastic was hitting 1667 and motivating WriMoers with daily vlogs. In keeping with this week’s theme of being lazy, missing deadlines, and using TV as a source of inspiration, todays recommendation for all y’all readers and writers, is to subscribe to Katytastic’s channel. Especially if you like book recommendations and light sass.

The thing I like about the BookTubers, is that like WriMoers, they’ve built a community. They support each other, make suggestions a about resources and are pretty entertaining most of the time. Just don’t fall down the rabbit hole of watching too many vlogs, they’ll rot your brain and eat up your writing time…

Not familiar with BookTube? Check out this excellent overview from Book Riot with suggestions on who else you might want to check out. If you are familiar, who are you watching (and who should I be watching)?

All good things…

Endings to be useful must be inconclusive.

~Samuel R. Delany

I used to get angry at books that ended at the start of more hijinks. I get emotionally invested in books and when I know that there won’t be anymore I feel cheated. It’s not unlike the feeling of disappointment I used to get from doing long division and discovering a remainder. Why can’t 10 just be divided by three nicely so I’m not left with the .3 repeated? I’ve since learned that that’s just how numbers work. Oh right this is a writing blog. That’s just how books work… or ought to. Sometimes books just end in the worst possible way.

Continue reading