Sally Field Moment

My writing group read one of what I’d thought was the weaker chapters of my novel. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t hate it and they didn’t.

They liked it. A lot.

My initial squeeing aside, they had some notes. Little things mostly, and a few bigger concerns which are addressed in other chapters (they weren’t aware that it was one chapter).

I’m grateful for the feedback but mostly I was so happy to have someone confirm that my writing isn’t garbage.

Sunshine Awards!

As a relatively new interblogger I was pleased to be tagged for a Sunshine Award by the lovely and talented Miss Teen USSR. From her blog “A Sunshine Award is FBBB (for bloggers, by bloggers) and a way to recognize people who have charmed, supported, enlightened, and inspired the awarder in recent months.”

Upon being tagged, I read that I am now on the hook for answering a bunch of questions AND turn around and tag some suckers that have filled me with compersion or jealousy. So beloved readers and the NSA, prepare your ears for some honesty.

1. What’s the one book you always freak out about and demand your friends read?

I used to say Bossypants by Tina Fey, but since I’m trying to get my book published I will now say mine. This is especially true if they haven’t read Bossypants because I have basically stolen every word of it.

2. You have $100 in your wallet. Where do you go to eat?

Get take-out Pho from 24 Express Train Noodle House for my husband and I then spend the rest on wine.

3. Your choice: flying cars or hoverboards?

Blorft can I say neither? I fall off skateboards and am a super sketchy driver… Can’t I just get wings of my own? So long as they’re not insect wings which would be worse than a hoverboard. So the order is Wingless flight>bird wings>dragon wings>flying car>hoverboard>insect wings>>>>>bat wings.

4. What’s the one thing your partner does that makes DIVORCE flash behind your eyes?

Anything, we’re basically done… sorryB. JK I would say the only thing that ever jeopardize our relationship is when we can’t agree on what we like/don’t like about a movie. Nothing is worse than a movie which we both agree is good/bad but cannot agree WHAT is good/bad about it. To date there is one movie we aren’t allowed to acknowledge the existence of.

5. Best time of day to be productive – early morning or late at night?

Late at night. Once my rational mind has checked out for the night the creativity really gets going. The downside is that my rational mind is responsible for ensuring my grammar doesn’t suck so it’s a real [insert appropriate metaphor here]. Conversely, I am unable to function until noon or a mimosa, whichever comes first.

6. I am of the belief that all jeans require a belt. If you agree, you may move to the next question. If you disagree, you need to make a very good argument for it.

I find this problematic. As many of you know I am a never nude and the jorts I wear under my jeans are fine without a belt. Otherwise yes, belt. Always. Except when I’m too tired to find my belt.

7. You fling your covers off the bed and there is a ____ on your pillow that makes you shriek long and hard. What is it?

A colony of underscores. I cannot stress enough how terrified underscores are irl. One might say… I cannot underscore my fear of underscores, enough.

8. If you have children: knowing FULL WELL that there is a HUGE chance it could go HORRIBLY wrong, if your child wants to pursue a career in show business, do you help them?

Yes, I hope to be able to exert enough familial guilt on them that when they make it big they stay grounded. Literally that kid steps out of line and he’s not leaving the house.

Your turn!

I tag…

AJ – AJ is constant source of inspiration and gluten free food.

Matt – Matt’s blog is legitimately one of those helpful/inspirational ones that I don’t roll my eyes at. Also I think he was in my first year english class.

Melanie – Always good for a photo journey that stimulates me when I need to write something visceral.

Jodie’s blog is full of writerly goodness and stimulating discussion.

Livia – I LOVE YEAH WRITE! This tumblr is full of writing prompty goodness and other wonders.

To answer these 8 questions!

1) Which do you hate more, hearing someone eat or hearing someone poop?

2) What is the most shocking book that you haven’t read, but probably should or claim to have read?

3) What is your favourite music/noises that you like to listen to while writing?

4) What is the secret to your beauty?

5) What nugget of wisdom on social media has received the most likes/favourites/retweets?

6) Would you rather your house be too hot or too cold? (and if you say hot, what is wrong with you?)

7) Marry, boff, kill: Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench.

8) What book(s) are you reading right now?

And now yes, I am quite done.