Pussy Riot!

Now before you gays start hissing about the word pussy (see things gay guys need to stop doing), the remaining members of Pussy Riot were released from jail in Russia. They’d been charged with hooliganism, which might just be my newest favourite reason for arrest, and were supposed to serve 2 years. It’s not just the punk-rockers that are being pardoned, it turns out the Greenpeace 30 are also having their hooliganism charge dropped. If you’ll remember these hooligans were out protesting an arctic oil rig, when they were arrested. Looks like someone is trying to make Russia seem a little more endearing and not a clusterfuck of human rights violations leading up to the Sochi Olympics.

Looks like Utah’s same-sex marriages will go ahead as emergency stays and appeals haven’t worked. I believe all counties are now allowing issuing licenses as there were a few hold-outs.

I kind of did a shitty job of this round of news because of the Holidays. To make it up to you, here is proof that reading is sexy… and a NSFW blog in case the first link doesn’t work.

Reading is fundamental